From the moment we first visited Pumpkin Patch we knew it was the right nursery for our daughter. Five years on and both our son and daughter still love Pumpkin Patch.
The staff are the best and we cant praise them highly enough to anyone who asks what childcare we have

Our mind was made up within minutes of walking through the door. Out of the four or five different nurseries we visited, Pumpkin Patch was the only one to show genuine interest in our son. They were keen to know who he was and what he liked and suggested he spend time in the Caterpillars Room whilst we were show around the rest of the nursery. Needlesss to say, he didn't want to leave! That was over 3 years ago and he has grown into a very confident, polite and happy little boy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Pumpkin Patch.

Our son clearly has a great time every day he spends at Pumpkin Patch. Every week we see evidence of what he has learned there and we continue to feel that he is safe and secure every day we leave him. We have built a network of other lovely families that we have met at the nursery and all the staff are very friendly, responsive and professional at meeting any specific needs. We highly recommend Pumpkin Patch to all our friends and family.

The moment I stepped into Pumpkin Patch I knew this is the nursery that I wanted my daughter to go to. It has a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. As a smaller nursery, all the staff know all the children and vice versa which is reassuring as a parent. In larger corporate nurseries I looked at, the feeling when you walked in just wasn't the same.

Thanks to all of you for your efforts in making this as smooth a transition as possible (both joining and now leaving the nursery

For the last 3 ½ years, you have helped to look after me 3 days a week and help to nurture my development and make me the person that I am today and will be in the future. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and for my memories that will stay with me forever.

Thank you for the best possible start and for preparing me for school.

The updates are great and the level and quality of information on your forms and emails are really appreciated. From my perspective, dropping him off and picking him up has been pretty emotional, so the comfort of knowing he's in a safe place that will help him to grow as a person is crucial to our peace of mind.